100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Details

100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One



Seven years ago, she coolly threw down 100 yuan and ran off with her son. Seven years later, she brings back her genius son who is a lady killer. To her surprise, she was betrayed by her precious son and made to work in MBS International. Her boss is the Mr. 100 Yuan from seven years ago! “…Evil lass, how dare you humiliate me seven years ago. I will definitely make you pay for it this time!” “I will buy your life for a hundred million!” What a bad deal for me? Buy one get one free? When an extremely scheming man meets an extremely scheming woman with a son as scheming as them, a battle of wits and masquerading takes place. Let’s see who reigns supreme!
Latest Chapter: Chapter 881 (END) - The End
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